February 28, 2024

Jill Eversmann presents at SCSHAColumbia College faculty member Jill Eversmann, MS, CCC-SLP, recently presented to the South Carolina Speech Language Hearing Association (SCHSA) at their 2024 Conference in Spartanburg, SC. Over 430 SLP faculty, clinicians, and students attended the event. Her presentation, which over 60 attended, “Artificial Intelligence (AI): Friend or Foe?” reviewed some of the common ways society has incorporated artificial intelligence into daily life and how speech-language pathologists are currently using Artificial Intelligence (including Generative AI) to improve facets of their own work. A few of the common ways it is being used or proposed uses include simplifying administrative tasks and creating therapy activities and materials. One example of cutting-edge research currently being done in the field of speech-language pathology includes converting the brain waves of non-speaking disabled individuals into text and speech.

“I chose this topic because I was curious to learn more about the current trends and future predictions of the use of Generative AI in the field of speech-language pathology and, in turn, share these with my colleagues around the state and with our students here at Columbia College,” Eversmann shared.

Eversmann’s presentation of the current research in the field served to educate others of the power and promise innovation has to change the way educators in all fields of study can utilize technology to better prepare students for life after graduation and clients for life beyond restorative therapies. At Columbia College, dedicated faculty like Jill Eversmann are constantly working toward incorporating innovation into the classroom to better serve and inspire students through current field work and research.

If you are interested in exploring what Speech-Language Pathology at Columbia College has to offer, learn more at danchet.net/slp.

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